I am a violin / fiddle teacher living in Tucson, Arizona. I am originally from Virginia, and my favorite genre to play is Appalachian Old Time music. I also teach beginning Classical violin, beginning Classical and Fiddle styles for viola, Irish fiddle, Rock, Pop, and Blues. I teach students to learn and play ‘by ear’ as well as read music so that they can be as versatile as possible in their future musical pursuits.  Other instruments I teach include 5-string banjo (Appalachian clawhammer style), and beginning mandolin/mandola.

I believe that students should be encouraged to play music they like, and to work at their own pace.  Learning to play a stringed instrument is a challenge, but it should be a fun one.  To that end, I take requests from my students to arrange music for them from whatever genre they want.  If a students says, “I want to learn to play THAT!”, I do my utmost to make it possible.  My students dictate the direction of their training, whether it be fiddle or classical or something in between, and also the pace of the lessons.  The most important thing to me is that my students remain excited about music.

My lessons focus on proper (safe) technique, musicality and tone, sight-reading, and ear-training.  They each have a practice checklist for their practice sessions, and are expected to listen to recordings of their repertoire at home regularly.

I sometimes travel to my student’s homes to teach, so lesson prices depend on the length of lesson, the level of student, and the driving distance.  Most of my students elect to have lessons at my home, which is fairly centrally located.  Please feel free to e-mail me about pricing and scheduling.

I am just beginning this page, so stay tuned for pictures and videos and testimonials!


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